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MPC5643 data flash?

Discussion created by Daniel Lundin on Nov 22, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2014 by Daniel Lundin

I am wondering whether the MPC5643L will have any data flash or not? This is a very important feature for me, as my products require configuration in runtime, and as external memories aren't feasible to use in safety-critical applications. The "datasheet" only mentions the following: 

•Sectorization: 16 KB + 2 × 48 KB + 16 KB + 2 × 64 KB + 2 × 128 KB + 2 × 256 KB 
• EEPROM emulation (in software) within same module but on different partition 

Should I interpret that as "there is no data flash and the minimum amount of flash that needs to be deleted prior writing is 16k" ? 

If so, will I be able to execute the flash writing routine from flash or must I upload the code in RAM? (Which would be a completely unacceptable practice for the safety-critical applications this MCU was designed for) 

If so, are there any plans of including data flash / eeprom for another derivate which will have the same safety features as MPC5643?