Matthew Riek

is receiving local multicast possible with nichelite?

Discussion created by Matthew Riek on Nov 17, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2010 by Petr Lukas



I am trying to implement E1.31 (DMX over ethernet) with an mcf52233.  It seems opening a UDP connection in the nichelite stack that comes with the 52233 demo will not receive multicast packets.  I know that nichelite does not support IGMP, but I understand receiving multicast on a local connected network should be possible without IGMP.  So I guess I have 3 questions...

1) Is it possible with nichelite to do what I desire, and I could just be doing something wrong?

2) Is there a free tcpip stack that people are aware of that will support receiving local multicast?

3) Even better than 2, Is there a free tcpip stack usable on the 52233 that supports IGMP?


Thanks in advance for any help offered :smileyhappy: