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Direct Page limitations

Question asked by Jozsef Szilagyi on Nov 16, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2010 by Tony Papadimitriou



I've been given a project redesing from HC05 to HCS08 , and during that process we need to merge two applications without too much tinkering with the code. One by one everything is OK but once i need to merge the project i run into some serious problems regarding the direct page memory.


After a static analysis we run into the conditional branch limitations (not enough Z_RAM) we solved the first problem by creating macros although i'm having a few problems with the CCR registers but will work it out. INC DEC CLR BSET BCLR instruction aren't too much of a headache from a CCR viewpoint or register preservation viewpoint.


Now using these macros we run into a ping pong effect replacing the branches with macros the code size grew and the relative addressing problem arises . And with every replace the error propagates...


I was wondering if anyone has run into this limitation or knows a way to solve them ?


Ultimatly if there isn'a any sollution i will do it the hard way and will stretch the code size.


I'm mentioning that this is my first project in assembly.