M52259 DediProg Mystery

Discussion created by RICK BOURGEOIS on Nov 11, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2011 by STEVE RAKOFF

Hello all out there in the ether world.


We have recieved our first production units of our M52259 based product. It is very similar to the M52259EVB.


I didn't solder on any development system headers on the boards, instead I am depending on the EZport to provide an SPI connection to the internal flash memory.


I am using the DediProg SF100 in production and have encountered a strange mystery. When a virgin unit is first encountered I have to run my first programming cycle at 12MHZ then change the frequency to 750KHZ and make another pass. All other attempts to re-program are always successful at 750KHZ.


If I try any other combination I am unable to program the unit successfully. The result is a checksum mismatch until I try 12MHZ.


I am using a 20MHZ crystal instead of the EVB's 48MHZ.

I have pin 105(XTAL) pulled up so that the unit starts up in 4MHZ mode until it gets initialized by firmware.

My DIV value is 0x11.


Is anyone out there using the DediProg SF100?

Dediprog have not been very helpful.


Best Regards, Boogy.