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CodeWarrior v10 Env. Variables

Discussion created by Mike Gilmore on Nov 11, 2010
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I have a project I'm working on that needs to be cross-platform.  To that end, we have a master configuration file (a .h file) that contains different #ifdefs, for example, #ifdef (WIN32), #ifdef (_LINUX), etc.  I need one for CodeWarrior (better, for the specific chipset/model I'm using).


I've tried using __CWCC__ as mentioned in the help files but that doesn't seem to be defined anywhere.  I'm not extremely familiar with eclipse either, so I'm not quite able to figure out what environment variables are automatically defined.


Is there a good #define that I could reference to detect if I'm working in CodeWarrior?  Even better, would there be a #define for my specific chip (Coldfire v2 M52233)?



Thanks in advance!