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What is the right MCU for my project

Discussion created by Tester Test on Nov 10, 2010
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Hi, as I am new to the world of embedded, I need a little help deciding what MCU to use for my project. I am currently developing on a HC08 CPU (MC68HC908QT4) but as the Freescale product list tells me, this MCU is not recommended for new projects. Additionally there is no support of this chip in CW10 so i have to use CW 6.3 in a virtual machine because W7 64bit is not supported. Requirements for my project: two piezos emitting different frequencies at the same time (so two timers would be required?!) Two additional I/O Pins for Amplification of the signals (maybe driven by another timer) AWU functionality so that the whole process could be stopped and waked upon conditions Programming via CW10 would be also nice Gluing it together this is >=4 I/O >=2 Timers, AWU and CW10 supported Regards Wolf