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How to turn off code optimization

Discussion created by Joern Katzorke on Nov 9, 2010
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codewarrior tries to drive me crazy... and it does this job quite good......


somewhere in my code i want to toggle a pin to trigger my peripherals to do something...






i declared a been for a single pin DUT_WAKEN.

the whole day this worked and i was able to step through the debigger and he was executing this and measuring at the hardware showed the toggle... up to now.


i did just small modifications on some code sorting but now debugger skips the ClrVal() and at the pins of the µC the pin keeps high.


i found codewarrior shortening my code here and there disabling to step to some portion of code but now it strips even the funtional parts...


how can i turn off the whole optimization and shortening of code?


my hc12 compiler options out of the box: -Cf -CPUHCS12 -Mb -TD4LD4LLD4


i cant really waste my last weeks of diploma thesis with trying to teach codewarrior to keep my code...


thx for help