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Beekit & loss of coordinator confirm messages

Discussion created by Gregg Lahti on Nov 5, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2010 by Gregg Lahti

Using the MyWirelessApp as a baseline for my code with lots of mods.  Noticed that the coordinator stack will "skip" sending coordinator confirmation messages if there's a backup of messages. 


Example:  I've got a network of 6 end devices asking for a coordination (all at various times).  If they ask coordnationroughly at the same time, I will see the coordinator associating the device but the message back to the device is lost and thus the device never proceeds to start working.  I usually see a minimum of one, sometimes all 6 end devices that never get the coordination message back.


Using the MC1321x hardware on both the coordinator and device.  Codewarrior 6.2, BeeKit 1.9.15.  Both the coordinator and end device uses a single-ended antenna setup. 


Any thoughts on where to begin on debugging the stack?  Have I reached a software limit on processing coordination messages?