Robert Lewis

CW 6.3 Win 7 x64 PE driver License reject

Discussion created by Robert Lewis on Nov 4, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2010 by Tom Thompson

I have been using Win 7 x64 with CW6.3 for about a month without problems. I followed the post in a topic in this forum. Today I am getting a license reject message for the P&E USB multilink driver. From looking around it seems that window has expired the driver. Is there anyway around this? I have re-installed the drivers but that doesn't work, neither does installing the Win 7 x64 drivers from the P&E site.


Does anyone know if Win 7 x32 works correctly? I have a spare computer I could do a full install on but would rather not guess before hand. Or else it is back to the VMware machine running XP and CW 6.3. What a mess to work with compared to working directly on a normal computer.