Robert Lewis

just started: CW 6.3 CFV1 on Win 7 x64, P&E driver licensing conflict

Discussion created by Robert Lewis on Nov 4, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2011 by Julien Gingras

I have been using CW6.3 on Win 7 x64 for several weeks without problem. Then today I started getting a notice that "There is a P&E USB driver licensing issue on your machine. Please download..... id=53"


Of course this does not fix the problem. I think that Windows defender just figured out that I have XP x32 drivers running in compatibility mode and is rejecting them. I noticed a WD update today sometime.

Does anyone know a way around this? I don't see anything in WD blocking the driver. I guess I will check with Microsoft tomorrow but that is like asking Walmart for the products in Walgreens. I know I am going to get a ..."but you are not supposed to do that"... from someone in the Far East help desk.


I was actually starting to like windows. I guess I could restore the system and unplug the net so that no updates happen... Any suggestions?? Thanks