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BeeKit Test Tool Fails to recognize the virtual comport (device)

Discussion created by hodge pai on Nov 4, 2010
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I  installed Beekit 1.9.17 onto a  Windows 7.

When I launch Test tool from Beekit. The communication settings found no comport of my device (see attached picture). However, my device is shown in the Device manager window. My device is a SBR board  with CP2102 as the virtual comport interface.


I can use the same board to communicate with Hyperterminal or other serial program.


I wonder whether this is because of the CP2102's driver version. I am using the Silab driver included with Beekit. 

But Test tool failed to found my device as described above.


When I use the same board on another PC (with older version of CP2102). Everything work fine.


Please help....

Many thanks.