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This word, sometime, wakeup someone on a forum.  Sometime,the bigger is the company the bigger the noise is needed to grab the attention.

There was allready 2 messages posted under the subject : "M52259DEMOKIT INSTALL issue", with no result.

Alone in a middle of a new forest,  the better way of getting out is to try someting.

So using the M52259DEMOKIT DVD on WINDOWS XP everyting got installed ok.

Just got this DEMOKIT today.  Then came this funny idea that I buy an OLD KIT (obsolete) that was build before WINDOWS (JOK)

I mostly got out of the forest when I tryed to establish communication to the debugger so to get the board powered

Using CodeWarrior for ColdFire Architecture properly patched for MCF5225X and trying to MAKE and RUN web_hvac_m5229demo.mcp I got this message: " Link Error: Size of the application has exceeded the capability of this licence. Contact your authorize distributor or Metreworks to purchase full version of tools".. UGLY, UGLY.

It is like getting out of a forest to get in a jungle.

I was surely lost somewhere in a dream  to believe that codewarrior was a free tool for the KIT. It is not even a trial version in this case.