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68HC16 assembler and USB BDM interface!

Discussion created by Padelis Floudas on Nov 1, 2010
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Hi there,


My name is Padelis and i am from Greece!

I have some 68HC16 boards and i want to write some programs for that CPU. I know that the world has moved on but this is what i have got now!

I am looking for a good assembler for that CPUs or even better a good C IDE enviropment! I am used to C language but if there is no chance for such an enviropment i can do it on assembly also! I am saying that C is easier to me!

Do you have any recommendations? I have heard something about an assembler that Motorola released some years ago and i think that this should be the best option. Is this still available?

Now on the other side of the project!

I am creating a modern BDM interface for all the developers that work on CPU16 and CPU32 processors! I am keeping it as simple as it can be! So i purchased a FT245 development board and started coding! The FT245 is an IC from FTDI with 8 data lines and bitbang modes! I am using sychronous bitbang mode and i transform the old drivers code from motorola! What i have done till now is to enter BDM mode! When i try to read some data from the CPU i get all 0x00s!

So if anyone can help me on this one i am all ears!


Thank you in advance!