Richard Tenney

SVN and CW10 directory structure

Discussion created by Richard Tenney on Nov 1, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2011 by Donald Locker

I'm interested in using SVN (specifically TortoiseSVN) with a CW10 project.


I'm trying to figure out what directories and files I should include and exclude.  This problem is made more complex because the new project wizard scatters code files into a complex directory structure, putting some code files into a directory named Lib, others into Project_Headings, and others into Sources, and even some code into Project_Settings\Startup_Code\.


For example, I thought I should include the Project_Settings directory in the SVN repository, but some files (such as  *.launch files) include absolute paths to programs.  This is particularly troubling across machines: e.g., an XP installation will put programs into ...\Program Files\... while a 64-bit Windows 7 installation will have these same programs in ...\Program Files (x86)\..., so you can't simply check out the Project_Settings on two different machines and expect things to work.  I believe this same problem occurs for some other files besides the *.launch files, but I'm not sure.


I know that CW10 has CVS built in, but I switched to SVN years ago.  Does anyone know what files CW10 saves and which it ignores under CVS?  Does it work correctly when the files are checked out on different operating systems?  Does it save only code or also settings and parameters?


Can the File|Export facility help here?