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Locating ROM_VAR section in paged memory of S12XEP100 target

Question asked by Sandeep Parvatikar on Oct 27, 2010
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I am using S12XEP100 target.


I have located all the constants i.e.. ROM_VAR section in my project to paged memory. But when I do this, the address of the constant pointers is not getting loaded properly into the CPU registers.



I have located a constant structure in my application software to paged memory. So, the address of this constant structure is 3 bytes long. But when the address of this constant structure is passed as an argument to a function, only the first 2 bytes of the constant structure's address is passed. The page number where the constant structure is located is not passed to the function. And hence my SW does not work properly.


I tried to make the address passed as "__far" address. But this did not solve my problem.


Can anyone help me?



The unpaged memory in my project is completely reserved for BootLoader. All my Application SW is linked to paged memory.


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