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Different File Limitations (CW6.2/CW6.3)

Question asked by Rafael Dazcal on Oct 26, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2010 by Tom Thompson

Greetings again,


In my workplace, I'm using CW6.2 in a Windows XP computer.


I have a project here that compiles fine and works fine too.


But when I try to compile it at home, where I have a CW6.3 running on a Windows Vista, it gives me an error saying it has a 32 file limitation (I'm not sure it was actually 32 files).


Is that right? If I upgrade my CW here at work, will my projects stop compiling?


I don't think that matters, but at home I also have CW7.2 installed. Here at work I installed it in a different computer because a colleage has warn me about possible conflicts. But tjat's really unconfortable...


Please let me know if these simptoms make sense to you guys.


Thanks a lot.