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MCF54451EVB and MQX 3.6.1

Question asked by McuG on Oct 22, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2010 by McuG

Has anyone been able to succesfull port the MCF54455EVB MQX to the MCF54451EVB ? I am talking about basit port , like networking.


I was able to update for the diference in hardware (eg PHY) but with limited results. There is something extremely strange happening with the network trafic. For example, I initialize the fec0 and assign a static ip, then I try a ping to the host (connected vai twisted cable). I see the packets beeing receved at the host - ARP request, then ARP reply sent back, then the sequence repeats.  It seems that the ARP reply is not properly received on the MQX  side.  A breakpoint in the MCF5XXX_FEC_process_rx_bds() shows that packets are received, but only broadcast packets, and no packets that have as destination the preset MAC.  Of course, as a fun exercise I tried to enable the MCF5XXX_FEC_RCR_PROM, without any help.