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52235 malloc problem

Question asked by Michal Balcerzak on Oct 22, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2010 by Michal Balcerzak

Since 5223x chips have small RAM I should expect it fills up some day. But not so quickly. My CW7.2 shows project's (depends on settings) code size from 5 to 8kB. Data size about 1.5kB. Now at runtime I allocate memory for few structures. After allocating about 800 bytes I get errno: 12 and no allocation at all. I thought I have 32 kB of RAM at hand... It's quite odd that setting different optimization I get from 5 to 8 kB of code but no difference in malloc behavior. What is going on? Any ideas? 


Running CW7.2SE, RAM configuration, EWL C.