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Intel Hex binary with 23 bit addresses. How to? Help!

Question asked by Szymon Mroczek on Oct 17, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2010 by Szymon Mroczek

Hi All,


I am using CW 4.7 for my S12XEP100 MCU (onboard DEMO9S12XEP100).


I have a code wich starts at address 0x7FC000 (0xC000 local).

The rest of code (DEFAULT ROM) is placed in paged flash memory.


I need to generate Intel Hex file with 23 bit addresses. When all the code is placed in non paged memory (for example at 0xC000 local). The hex file contains entire code with 16 bit local addresses which I could deal with. But when some parts of code are placed in paged memory. The hex file contains local addresses only. In particular it contains addresses of non paged flash memory (I put there my startup routine) only. The code from paged memory is missing in the hex file.


I see that the '*.abs.glo' file I generate is OK. It has global (23 bit) addresses in each line.

But the '*.abs.s19' file has local (16 bit) addresses only included. The rest of code (the one placed in paged memory) is missing! And the hex file is probably generated using that s19 file (with local addresses only).


I need to find a way to generate hex files with 23 bit (global) addressing inside. Otherwise I will not be able to upload complete code to the MCU (via my own flash bootloader).


Please help,