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Problems during load of MCF51AC256.

Question asked by Jean-Herve Le Garrec on Oct 15, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2010 by William Lewis



I'm using a MCF51AC256 on a new prototype.


I get an error message in Command window when loading the target.



FP: Run applet (WaitUntilStopped).
GDI:   Writing Register: PC (id:16): 0x080000C
GDI:   DiRegisterWrite()==> DI_OK
GDI:   DiExecContinue()==> DI_OK
FP: WaitUntilStopped failure begin report.
GDI:   Reading From Memory Address: 0x0100, count: 4, memSpace: 4
GDI:   DiMemoryRead()==> DI_ERR_FATAL
GDI:   DiErrorGetMessage()==> 1
GDI:   Error Message ==> The Debugger can not read memory.


I don't understand why this timeout appears.

Can you help me.