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Problem programing AW16 with CodeWarrior 10

Discussion created by Ruben Valls Blasco on Oct 13, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2010 by David Payne

Hi all!

I have recently updated to Codewarrior 10. Everything goes fine until I tried to program an AW16 device.

In fact, I have programmed some of them, but after two or three devices, I am unable to program any more. I checked them, and I have realized that the only difference between them is the part number:


  • The ones I could program are:       MC9S08AW16CFGE - 5M75B - CTAA0747
  • The ones I could not program are: MC9S08AW16CFGE - 5M75B - XNEC0918

What does  the last part of the part number mean? I have searched the forums and I haven't found anything.

The error appears when detecting the speed of the device to perform the erase command. The console output is:


Initializing remote connection ...    

Performing target initialization ...    

Flash operation  ... 

Detect Speed ...   

Error:  Detect Speed   Failled. 0

Error:  Flash status failed.  ...


Error:  Erase Command Failed.  ...

An invalid preference was passed to the GDI protocol plugin (HC GDI Protocol Adapter)

Error: command failed


With CodeWarrior 6.2, I could program both kinds of device perfectly without any problem.

I don't know what do next.

Thanks in advance,