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Linker Message - missing symbol on S12X port

Question asked by Harold Kraus on Oct 12, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2010 by Harold Kraus

I am trying to port a little bit of CAN code from S08DZ to S12XD using CodeWarrior for HCS12 V4.7.  (attached)


I have cleared up many things but the following is confusing me.


I am getting message Link Error : L1822 saying symbols _LSHRU, _BSHL, and _LSHL are undefined.  I do not recognize these symbols.  I cannot find any of them in my S08DZ or S12XD code.  I suppose they are specific to one or the other target.


I had a similar message regarding symbol _Startup, which I fix by getting the start12 files in the same place.  There was no message that I was missing those files.  Am I missing some S12XD file that has these symbols? Some memory map?


These symbols are said to be missing from a file that was originally a CAN.c file generated by PE for the S08DZ.  I do not intend to continue to use the PE generated code for CAN so I wish to learn what is going on here.