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Rebuilding MQX doesn't update lib folder content

Discussion created by Hernan Gegenschatz on Oct 11, 2010
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Hello All,


I need to rebuild MQX libraries because i want to enable ADC in my mcf52233DEMO board project, so i change this line at

user_config.h located at [installation]\config\[board]


#define BSPCFG_ENABLE_ADC        1    // ( 0 by default )


Then i follow the steps cited at the "FSL_MQX_Getting_Started.pdf" Rev 02 , section 2.4 ( CW 10.0). 


after rebuilding, for debug and release, if i go to the user_config.h file located under the \lib  directory it has the default line...so it's not being updated. 

I did a dedicated workspace for rebuilding MQX also.


I've tryed several things (building all at once, building one by one, in order, etc) but nothing changed the outcome. There are several warnings about not changing the user_config.h file under lib folder because it's replaced in each build. 


The only files being updated are bsp_m52233demo_d.a, bsp_m52233demo.a  

psp_m52233demo_d.a, psp_m52233demo.a  


Also, there is no mass build for this board for CW10, why ?.


I would be really thankful if someone can help me.