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USB speed on MCF51JM128

Discussion created by Apter Slava on Oct 11, 2010
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Hi guys.

I am using in my system micro MCF51JM128. According the datasheets, if i configure micro to work as a device on

Full-speed( I mean 12 MB/sec or 1.5 MByte/sec), this is a speed that i expect from USB bus in this case. But actually, i get only 550 KByte/sec speed and this is not enough. I need at least 1 MByte/sec. I am using by ALL free endpoints for output.I have only one endpoint for input,so the solution to change Input endpoint to be altered on-the-go(OTG) can improve the throughput, but it is not a good enough solution,because still i can not get 1 MByte/sec.


Anyone faced this problem before?How to solve it, if u faced this problem?


Thank,you Slava.


P.S. I am using USB driver that i found in Freescale application CAN_USB bridge.Maybe the problem is in this driver.