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MCF52213 RSTO stays low

Question asked by Martin Dusek on Oct 9, 2010
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I have newly bought (never programmed) MCF52213 and when I turn VDD on, RSTO pin stays low all the time. No other pins are connected, only VDD and VSS. There are two 4.7 uF capacitors between VDD and VSS and 32 kHz crystal (and 18 pf caps and 1 Mohm resistor) on my evaluation board. I tried it with 2 pieces of MCF52213 - it is the same.


RSTO pin is not short-circuited to VSS or any other pin. RSTI pin is high. Supply voltage is 3.3V, rising edge of VDD lasts 17 us.


Here is an image of turning MCF52213 on. You can see, that there is peak on RSTO like the MCU tries to rise up RSTO.


.Turning on MCF52213


Hope somebody can give me a suggestion.


Thank you