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Round Robin working wrong?

Question asked by Matias Ferrari on Oct 4, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2010 by Matias Ferrari

Hi everyone, I'm doing my first steps with MQX 3.6.1 and I have problems when I want to configurate my tasks in round robin schedule. 

I've read examples, manual raference and user's guide and I could see that if I want to configurate the task schedule in round robin mode, I need to put the macro MQX_TIME_SLICE_TASK in task template. I created two task, both have the same priority in task template, but the first task created never gives the procesor to the second one when the time slice expires.
Tasks are very simple, led1_task, switches on and off a LED1 of my TWR-MCF51CN. By other hand, botones_task detects if SW2 and or SW3 are pressed, then if they were pressed switches on LED2 (SW2) and LED3 (SW3), else, switches off the leds. Both tasks work fine when I put a _time_delay(100) inside (I think that there aren't working in round robin mode).
There is any other parameters or macros to keep in mind at the moment to configurate my tasks in round robin mode? 
My code was attached, please I don't know how I can continue with this...
Thank you in advance.