Bob Sawyer

CW 7.2 /MQX Programmer 128K Limit Problems

Discussion created by Bob Sawyer on Oct 3, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2010 by Tom Thompson

I have been through some of the tutorials for MQX using the M52233DEMO board.  All went well until I tried to do anything with RTCS other than the telnet example.  After compiling the examples, and trying to program them into flash, I get a message that the programmer is limited to 128K.  I also tried a new project with MQX+RTCS stationery, and it is also too big to program and debug.


Is MQX and RTCS really this big, or are there some configuration options I can use to reduce this?  I'm working my way through all of the documentaion I can find, but it is an enormous task due to the sheer volume!


I had originally had the CW Special edition on my PC.  I tried to uninstall this and install the EVAL version, but I am wondering if I didn't really install the Eval version.  When I look in the license file, I see lots of "stuff" in the "special" portion of the license file, but there is nothing in the "eval" section of the license file.  Would it make sense for the license file to be like this if I correctly installed the eval version?


Does the Eval version of 7.2 have limits on the program size for programming and debug?


Is there some procedure I need to follow to install the eval version once the special version has been installed?


Thanks for any help with this!