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USBDM/CF (JMxx Version) programming

Question asked by Martin Dusek on Oct 1, 2010
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I built the USBDM/CF (JMxx Version) board v 4.0 and I want to program JM32 MCU which is on the board. I have OSBDM (with JB16 MCU) programmer. . I have connected BKGD, RESET, GND and VDD on USBDM/CF (JMxx Version) board and on my OSBDM JB16 programmer.


From the documentation I assumed that probably I should run Bootloader.exe, choose USBDM_CF_JMxxCLD_V4.abs.s19 and program the flash.But  I get this message: "JB16 USBDMs cannot be updated or verified using this software. Please use the Freescale ICP utility".


So I tried to run program zadig.exe to install new driver for my OSBDM (there is a note in the documentation that for old BDM drivers should be updated - but I don't know if my BDM is old). But from that moment, my OSBDM programmer stoped working in CW. Also, when I run HCS08_FlashProgrammer.exe to program any of my HCS08 MCU I have on the table, I get "Failed to open BDM. Reason: BDM is Busy" .


I'm really confused what should I do when I want to program my USBDM board using OSBDM JB16 programmer, so can someone give me any advice?


Thank you