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S12X256SV - low power mode with SPI running

Discussion created by nithin Bhaskar on Sep 29, 2010
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We work for the automotive projects around the world. We are using the controller S12X256SV in the Engine Control Unit(ECU) for various automotive applications. Now we have a special requirement for blinking a bulb connected in dashboard.

To realize this requirement, S12X256SV should communicate with an external device(driver circuit which will drive the bulb) through SPI in low power mode. We need low power mode because the ECU and the driver IC will be ON for more than two days continuously, and in some cases the battery rating is limited.

As per the s12x user manual, I didn't get any solution to implement this(SPI in low power mode).


1) Does this controller hardware supports low power mode with SPI running?

2) And what will be the power usage of S12X256SV in normal mode and in low power mode ?