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Optimal Asynch Serial Port Bean Settings.

Question asked by Erick McAfee on Sep 27, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2010 by Erick McAfee

Hello all,


I was looking for some advice on the serial port bean setting.  I am experiencing character drops from the serial port.


I tested using hyperterminal and (bean selected rates) set to 9600 baud (even lower baud rates don't seem to help).


I have code that takes input chars and echos them out.


I send a  text file out, and what I get back is mostly what I sent except a few characters might be missing here and there.


even when I simply type into the hyperterminal window I get predictable missing characters (not every time but a larger percentage of the time) when I type lower case p's and x's (0x70 and 0x80 or b01110000 and b01111000) which leads me to believe I have a timing / interrupt issue.


The cable length is short and keyboard is good.


I am using the freescale demo9s08Gb60-sp board which uses only external 32Khz or internal oscilators, neither of which is fast.


I also tried to alleviate any processor issues by using buffers, but I don't think that was it.


My question is:

Should I look at code,

Should I look to override the clock with a faster xtal oscillator,

Or is there something I am missing in the setup for the bean / serial port set up.