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SCI baud rate register HCS12

Question asked by andrei luchuk on Sep 25, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2010 by andrei luchuk

Hi all.


I'm using dragon12-P rev.D with the MC9S12DG256 processor.


I am setting up an SCI interface with the Parallax GPS like this:

//init 4.8k baudSCI0BDH=1;SCI0BDL=56;


Debugging, I loose connection with the hardware when attempting the last line.


I've tried different variations





what's going on here? why can't i write to BDL?

I'm using CW5.0



also tried

#define BUSCLOCK "your_bus_clock_here"L#define BAUDRATE(_x_) ((BUSCLOCK/16/(_x_))&0x1fff)...SCIxBD = BAUDRATE(115200L);