Graham Pratt

908JL3 manual discrepancies re timer overflow bit

Discussion created by Graham Pratt on Sep 25, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2010 by bigmac

In the 908JL3 manual rev 1.1 page 127 it tells us that the TOF bit "is set when the TIM counter resets to $0000 after reaching the modulo value programmed in the TIM counter modulo registers". Page 130 contradicts this by saying "When the the TIM counter reaches the modulo value, the TOF becomes set".

One says TOF set =at= modulo value rollover, the other says set at last count =before= modulo value rollover.


Rev 4 of the same manual consistently says TOF is set at last count before modulo value rollover.

If it is on the last count it has not in fact overflowed, so why is the OVERFLOW bit set then? Should it not in fact be set when the numbers click over to zero???