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About storing initialization information on HCS08 device

Question asked by Giovanni Parodi on Sep 25, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2013 by bigmac

Good morning,

I'm developing an application on a HCS08QE device and I need some help.

My problem is the following one:

my application need a set of initialization information that depends on the serial number of the installed device, and that therefore I cannot select at compile time. 


In order to solve my problem I thought about using srecord (, creating (with a C++ desktop application) a binary file that contains a struct with the desired data, and then inserting it at the desired address through srecord.


However I found no reference to this platform in this forum so I have 2 question:


  1. is there an easier way to accomplish the desired task, and therefore I don't need it on HCS08?
  2. is there some "tutorial" that explain how to perform these operations?
I searched the web for Flash srecord modification, and similar words, but very often I get link to forum question (I will be one of them :-D) and no tutorial.
Is there someone that can help me?
Many thanks