byra ferkovich

52259 wont boot without bdm attached?

Discussion created by byra ferkovich on Sep 23, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2010 by Stan Chernikov

Ive got a 52259 on a custom board that boots and runs fine from codewarrior with the bdm attached. However, when I remove the bdm and reset the board, it doesnt run. Im using a 48mhz crystal and it should work with clkmod0 and 1 pulled up to vcc. However, have tried all configurations of clkmod0 and clkmod1 with no luck. When I try the same code on the tower board, it works find and boots up with or without the bdm attached. I have the same 4 pins pulled upon my bdm connector as on the tower board. Im using the same crystal as on the tower board. I dont get it. Im sure its something obvious, but I cant find it.


Thanks for any help!