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Need Help With Product Selection

Discussion created by William Stroupe on Sep 23, 2010
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I hope to get help with product selection here. I'll try to post my most important requirements here as a beginning. Please accept my apology in advance if I'm posting this kind of request in the wrong area.


My application is a medical device that employs many hundreds of infrared and visible LEDs arranged in a mixed array approx. 20 inches by 36 inches in size. The device has a control panel with various controls and LCD readouts. The brightness of the LEDs is controlled independently (for the infrared and the visible) using PWM driver chips. The LEDs are grouped into logical zones of about 32 LEDs each and each zone is controlled by one driver chip. There are in turn about 24 zones, which are independently controlled by the microprocessor and its application program.


I need a microprocessor already integrated into an EVB to provide control/clock signals to the PWM LED drivers. It must also service user input from the control panel and drive the LCD displays. The microprocessor will NOT be running an operating system (linux, windows, etc), but rather merely a C/C++ runtime. I need a good selection of programmable timers on the chip, as well as a good array of interrupts. For this application I don't think the 8-bit microprocessors will be sufficient. I'm looking at 16-bit and possibly 32-bit processors.


I also need to keep the costs of any code development system/tools down - say, under $1,000 if possible. I also want to keep the cost of an EVB down as well - I'm looking for an EVB for the first prototype device that can also be used for the production units. Space is not a big issue, so the EVB can be sizable as these things go. An EVB under $250 would be ideal.


I hope this helps to describe my needs suffiently to help other members here to point me in the right direction.