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Decoding the .map(Linker Address Map) , .abs(ABS file ) and S19 file

Discussion created by Nycil Paul on Sep 23, 2010
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Requirement: CRC generation of the data written into the ROM.

                                   When I compile my source codes, an S19 file is generated along with a .map and .abs file. The S19 file contains S-records, each record having information of the length of the record, and address and the corresponding data in those addresses.The .map file contains information about the starting addresses of various segments such as .init,.bss etc and their respective terminating addresses. I have no clue what is contained in the .abs file. I had read that .abs is similar to an ELF file. I need to how I can decipher the informartion contained in the .abs file.

                                   In the Linker file , I have specifed address ranges for different sections  of the code to be placed. Some of these address ranges are visible in the S19 file while others are not. The reason I assume, would be because those addresses which are not visible are not being used.

                                   In a tool we developed, we parse through the entire s19 file, take the data and generate CRC for the whole data which is appended in the last but one S-record along with the CRC and address in the ROM to which the calculated CRC would be put.

                                   We then flash the code into the micrcontroller. From my application in the microcontroller, I need to access the addresses which have been specified in the s19file. How do I go about doing this? Is there any way I could know which all addresses are represented in the S19 file.

I kindly request your help.

Thanks in Advance