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SD-card bootloader on MC9s08qe32 ?

Question asked by Paul Abbott on Sep 20, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2011 by Maria Ines Castagnino


My application runs on the MC9S08QE32 and already reads and writes to an SD card (fat-lite driver).  I want the application software, during normal startup, to check for a file of a certain name, and if it exists, reprogram the flash with the contents of that file. 

I'll also display status of the upgrade on the LCD screen, if possible.


I've scoured the forums for an implementation of a bootloader that reads from an SD card.  Nothing exact, but I've found the following examples that may help:

  1. AN2295 Developer’s Serial Bootloader
  2. AN3561 USB Bootloader for the MC9S08JM60
  3. AN3927 Freescale USB Mass Storage Device Bootloader
  4. doonstack

It seems to me like #3 is the best bet and I'm going to start studying that one.  Can someone share some wisdom?