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Wrong data aquired from AS1_RecvChar(&var);  Serial Communication

Question asked by Arturo Jimenez on Sep 20, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2010 by Arturo Jimenez

The value in serial data receiver register SCI1D is not getting the right value for *Chr variable of AS1_RcvChar() function, created by Processor Expert. I´m receiving "!" 0xa1 while I´m expecting to receive a 'A' 0x41 . 


Whatever value I try it gives me another.  for example if i send from my pc 0x01   i´m getting 0x81 in  AS1_RecvChar(&var) or SCI1D directly.


I try both MCF51QE128 and MC9S08QE128. I set my internal clock to 36Khz & internal bus to 9.216 so i could get a exact 115200 Baudrate for my serial com