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USB TAP only stopped once at break point?

Question asked by Kevin Smith on Sep 17, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2010 by Kevin Smith

Hello, Everyone:

            I've been using this USB TAP as in circuit debugger to debug code in MC56F8300.  However, this USB TAP seems only stopped once at the break point. It supposed to stop repeatedly at the break point where I set in certain routine (e.g. timer). What happened is that my program stopped the very first time at this break point and after I clicked run button, it keeps running and never stopped at the same break point again. BTW I knew my program works but just the debugger does not stop. Any idea how to fix this?


I am using CodeWarrior IDE Ver


Debugger Settings are:

Always reset on download (Checked)

Use initialization file: 56836x_flash.cfg

Breakpoint Mode: Automatic

Auto-clear previous hardware breakpoint: unchecked

Target OS: BareBoard

Processor: M56F8367


Thanks a lot,