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MCF51JM undocumented PTIMER bits of FTSR for security clear procedure

Discussion created by Jozias del Rios on Sep 16, 2010
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On MCF51JM128 Reference Manual rev.2 page 89 there's a figure 4-15 which tells

the procedure for Clearing Security on a MCF51JM128 via the BDM port.


I've built my self an USB programmer, but a bug on it made my MCF51JM32VLD device secured, because

XCSR is reading as 0x87 and not 0x85 just after a POR with BKGD held low. So I know the device is secured.


I want to unsecure this device, doing a mass erase, but the procedure in the figure 4-15 is cryptic, as it tells

to write PTIMER bits to CSR3, and then PTIMER info would be transfered to FTSR.


But nowhere in the manuals FTSR and PTIMER names are defined. I figured out by MCF51EM256 Reference Manual that FTSR means "Flash Controller", but PTIMER is still foggy.


Can someone tell me what byte value should I write to CSR3 prior to write 0x97 to XCSR?


My MCF51JM32VLD device is halted after POR, so it's clock is FEI@10MHz. The flash divider value is 0x19 (25 decimal) as usual for this setup.


Thanks in advance.

Del Rios