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PWM for mcf52223/m52223evb - Not for the faint hearted

Discussion created by Michael Predko on Sep 16, 2010
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Hey folks,


I've attached a package that contains the files for a PWM device driver for the ColdFire MCF52223 (I only have m52223evb PCBs to test it on at this time).  From looking at the datasheets, I *believe* the device driver will work without modification on the MCF52233 and MCF52259 although I haven't tested it out). 


The package contains, some basic documentation (which includes installation instructions for MQX 3.6 under CW10), the source files I came up and a sample application.  I don't have the experience to discuss earlier versions of MQX or CW, if you are porting under these or to different devices/PCBs, I hope that other people will weigh in and help out. 


Adding this device driver code is NOT trivial.  There are a number of changes you will have to make to the CW10 MQX build process as well as a number of changes you will have to make to BSP files.  I believe the installation instructions are correct - but we won't know until somebody tries to install and build the code. 


If you are not familiar with the process of building the BSP and have not worked through at least the first device driver in AN3902, then I suggest that you wait until you do have this level of skill. 


While I am granting permission for you to use this code in products, there are restrictions in terms of publishing the source (ie you can't without my permission) or using it a publication. 


I am available for limited support, please reply directly to this thread so that everybody can take advantage of the comments.