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View Memory in Codewarrior IDE

Discussion created by Joseph Mathew on Sep 15, 2010
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     I am using Codewarrior for Coldfire v7.1 (Windows hosted) and debugging my target via P&E USB Coldfire Multilink debugger. The target is M5485BFEE Fire Engine board on top a custom baseboard having a Dual Port RAM chip. This chip is interfaced to the Fire Engine board via the FB_CS3# chip select.

    Now the problem is I am able to read and write to the Dual Port RAM chip but the same is not updated in the Memory Window (Data > View Memory in the Codewarrior debugger mode). It consistently shows 0xBA everywhere in the memory region of interest.

What I am interested to know is, whether any thing additional has to be done to bring my Dual Port RAM contents to this memory window ? What is the purpose of .mem and .cfg files which are present for the on-board SDRAM and Flash chips ?