MCFxxxx: Coldfire Errata Updates adding SECF180, but update needs fixing

Discussion created by TomE on Sep 14, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2010 by TomE

Freescale have just added SECF180 to the Errata documents for what looks like a wide range of parts, including MCF52xx, MCF53xx and MCF54xx. Searching for "SECF180" on Freescale's site finds MCF5208, MCF52277, MCF5445x, MCF53017, MCF5373, MCF5329 and PCN14325, which is a list of about 100 parts.

The Errata item is "SECF180: Spurious Interrupts Can Cause Incorrect Vector Fetch", Anyone abusing spurious interrupts should read this very carefully. Instead of generating vector 24 for a Spurious interrupt, the controllers can generate vectors 0 or 64.

The MCF5207 Errata looks to have been updated properly, but the MCF5329 and MCF5373 ones needs fixing and re-release.

SECF180 has been added to the body of the documents, and the revision numbers have been increased from "8" to "9" for the 29 and "7" to "8" for the 73.

Tables "Table 1. Summary of MCF532x Errata" haven't been updated with this change.

Tables "Table 3. Document Revision History" haven't been updated with this change.