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Need I2C slave sample

Question asked by Douglas Pereira on Sep 13, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2010 by Douglas Pereira

Hi, this is my first time in this forum.

I have been working with a MC56F83xx DSC for two weeks now and I'm having hard time on get I2C working as slave.

All connections are fine. I have both SDA and SCL pulled up to 5V.

I've enabled START and STOP events and both of them were reached. Still I get no message in the slave side.

I'm sure that I'm sending messages to the right address (0x7A by the way). I'm using the correct speed at both ends (100kHz by the way).

Not sure what else I could do.

That is why I'm asking you a I2C slave sample.

Thank you so much.