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ADC only works running from MRAM MCF52259EVB

Question asked by Kellen DeVuyst on Sep 9, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2010 by Kellen DeVuyst

Hello All,


I am having some issues with the MQX ADC drivers when running from flash. The devices all open but the ADC channels never sample. When I build my code and run from MRAM everything works. I am working with the MCF52259 EVB.


I was curious and went to the ADC example, compiled it and programmed to flash. Running the code from flash had the same result. When running ADC example code from flash on the 52259 EVB the ADC channels will never sample, it seems that I can only get the example (and my code) to run successfully from MRAM. Any help is greatly appreciated!


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