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Error ADC

Question asked by Enric Aguera on Sep 6, 2010
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I am working with 52259 chip and its M52259EVB board.

I am trying to expand flexcan example with adc extra functions.

I test my evb board with adc example. And I have check flexcan example. All it is ok.

But when I try use to code of first code into second code example I have problems.

I can not open ADC device "f = fopen(MY_ADC, (const char*)&adc_init);" in flexcan code.

But I can open the channel:  "f_ch1 = fopen(MY_ADC "first", (const char*)&adc_channel_param1);" in flexcan code.

In fact, i can send data trough can but always f is empty, its value is NULL. I don't understant it. I can't open the device but instead i can open the channel.

The same code works in the adc example code.


I need help

Thank you