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lcd turns off after displaying some garbage value

Question asked by amit singh on Sep 4, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2010 by amit singh
i'm using winstar 16*2 char lcd for displaying volume byte on screen.this lcd is interfaced with MC9S08SE8 MCU.i'm controlling the volume by pt2258 .after running the asm program and increasing the volume by remote .it is displaying the correct sequence of volume bytes but when i continue to press the volume button it abruptly stops displaying the correct sequence and displays garbage characters and then the lcd display is turned off.

plz help if somebody has any idea

if someone has problem understanding the bug ,i can provide asm code.feel free to ask.actually its quite long and will take space.morover the code seems to work fine.

i'm attaching the circuit diagram of lcd interface .i2c communication is used between pt2258 volume controller and microcontroller.