MC13224V - ARM7 BeeStack CodeBase 3.0.8 NETWORK PROBLEM

Discussion created by GALDER BENGOA on Sep 3, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2010 by GALDER BENGOA

I am trying to put about 50 ZED (End devices) joined to a ZC (controller) without any Router. I have tried with the Beekit example of "Ha Thermostat" for the ZC and "Ha TempSensor" for the ZED devices. I have checked that for above 10 ZED devices several ZEDs start to NOT communicate with the ZC. I have used the ZeD 1.6.0 to confirm it, and also my Graphical User Interface. Note that ONLY “mDefaultValueOfExtendedAddress_c” of the ZEDs have been modified from the example. It seems totally a NETWORK problem. The used Codebase is the "ARM7 BeeStack CodeBase 3.0.8"

Please Note that I have also noticed that the ZED address is automatically changed. How can be possible if I have hardcoded the "mDefaultValueOfExtendedAddress_c" variable?