Codewarrior Development Studio v10

Discussion created by sebasira on Sep 2, 2010
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Hi All!


I'm loosing my mind here.  I'm trying Codewarrior 10, and I can't get a project to build. Firts, I try importing a project and I could not achieve that because of an error on a Toolchain Target wich I cannot solve. So I decide to create a new one using the existing files.


To my surprise I could link some existing folders to the project and all the files inside it would be built on my new project.  The folder contains .c and .h files.

When I build the application, the compiler says that EVERY macro definition is "unndefined". I don't know what to do... The definitions exists since those same files compile with older versions of Codewarrior.


It's necesary to separate CODE files from HEADERS files? I mean using Source folder for .c files and Project Headers for .h files.... I try that and didn't work neither.


I totally don't understand this new interface.... I also looked for "Link Order" tab and couldn't find it.


Please help!