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NAND boot for P1011RDB

Question asked by Rolf Berg on Sep 1, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2012 by mattsm


we are considering using a QorIQ P1011 in a new design.
The product should boot using U-Boot stored in NAND flash.
In order to learn how this works, I have read the manuals and
looked at the U-Boot code for the P1011RDB board. It looks like
this board can be compiled with support for NAND boot:
$ make P1011RDB_NAND_config
$ make all

This works fine, but the resulting u-boot-nand.bin file is
almost 400 000 bytes. As far as I know, this file must be copied
to the L2 cache (used as SRAM) by the nand_spl code.
What I can not understand, is how this can work as the as the size
of the L2 in P1011 is 256K.

Looking at include/configs/P1_P2_RDB.h, it seems that NAND boot is only
supported for CPUs with L2 size of 512K. This makes sense considering
the size of u-boot-nand.bin file, but in that case the P1011RDB_NAND_config
target should have been removed.

Is NAND boot supported for P1011RDB?
If yes, where have I misunderstood?